MSc In Orthodontics

MSc In Orthodontics

The University of Warwick MSc in Orthodontics is a Masters qualification delivered in modular form, created to equip students with both specific theoretical and practical clinical understanding and expertise in the field of Orthodontics. The course allows General Dental Practitioners to pursue a flexible training pathway that can be taken over a period suited to individual requirements and circumstances. It is designed for dentists who wish to develop their skills in Orthodontics and/or who wish to develop a special interest in Orthodontics. The Warwick MSc continually adapts to changes in postgraduate training, evolving to fulfil requirements for career pathway developments in orthodontics.

The course has been designed to provide you with tuition from leading specialists and examiners in the field of Orthodontics, together with advanced, up-to-date clinical training, so that you are able to develop a proficiency in Orthodontics informed by evidence-based dentistry. The course also aims to enhance professional development, helping you to think creatively and independently, to solve problems, to exercise judgment, and to communicate clearly and effectively with patients and colleagues.

The programme has been researched as part of a PhD study, thus being evidence-based not only in orthodontic treatment rationales, but also in terms of the pedagogy of adult education. It offers a complete introduction to whole patient care, including the processes of examination, case assessment, investigations, diagnosis, treatment planning and the management of patients with malocclusions.

Fees Paid direct to Warwick University - £10,110.00

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